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Employer's Liability

This policy indemnifies the University against its legal liability to members of staff in connection with any injury suffered by them during the course of their employment with the University.

All accidents should be reported to the School or Faculty and the details entered onto Sentinel. In the case of serious injury, the Safety Services should be notified. Where necessary, statements should be taken from any witnesses immediately after the accident, photographs and first-aider statements are also useful for investigation purposes.

Public Liability

The University’s public liability policy provides an indemnity to the University for its legal liability for injury to persons (other than employees) and damage to material property belonging to other persons arising in connection with the business of the University.

The policy also provides an indemnity to staff and students acting on behalf of the University for their legal liability for accident or injury to other parties.

Professional Indemnity

The cover provided by this policy is in respect of claims which the University is legally liable to pay following breach of professional duty by reason of any neglect, error or omission on the part of an employee.

If you have to provide evidence of the University's liabilty policies to any third party, please download the relevant confirmation letter:

Employer's and Public Liability (pdf), File Download Professional Indemnity (pdf), File Download